Death by Capricorn

Carl Hulsey, age 77, was a poultry farmer in Georgia who ran afoul of Capricorn's more dangerous side when he was killed by a goat in 1991. Born Aug. 14, 1913 we find his Sun at 22 degrees of Leo, a degree called Own Worst Enemy, where a person sometimes falls into self-undoing and can shoot themselves in the foot.

The Senator’s Daughter

A note arrived from an old friend asking me to help him choose a wedding day using astrology. This I did not expect. The philosophy here is that a zodiac chart reflects a starting point that will show the nature of whatever begins at that moment. A person's life starts at birth and a marriage … Continue reading The Senator’s Daughter

Starstruck: Tonya v. Saturn!

      I remember watching the screen when Tonya Harding went through her good times and bad times, and the movie "I, Tonya" is a great exploration into the long series of unfortunate events. If we look at Tonya's birth chart it isn't surprising to see Venus and the Sun as the symbols of … Continue reading Starstruck: Tonya v. Saturn!