The Pisces from Kentucky

Two thousand years ago, writers mainly associated Pisces with the ocean. People born under this sign were known as great navigators who could spend their lives crossing the depths. One source says they have the desire to sweep tranquil waters with dragnets and then display their treasures from the deep on the shore for all to see. This could be a metaphorical description of what a Pisces person does whether they ever sail the ocean or not.

Death by Capricorn

Carl Hulsey, age 77, was a poultry farmer in Georgia who ran afoul of Capricorn's more dangerous side when he was killed by a goat in 1991. Born Aug. 14, 1913 we find his Sun at 22 degrees of Leo, a degree called Own Worst Enemy, where a person sometimes falls into self-undoing and can shoot themselves in the foot.

Nicholas Culpeper, Dr. Diligence

With a powerful Venus-Uranus combination he was unconventional and impulsive and had moments of beautiful revelation, perhaps even periods of real epiphany. Culpeper would die young, but first he would write 79 books and translations that catalogued hundreds of plants and their medicinal properties.