Learning the Ways of Astrology

The sphere of the earth and the zodiac are illustrated here in a drawing that appears quite antique

The Earth is a sphere of 360 degrees, and the zodiac is a belt around that sphere. These degrees can be compared to 360 notes on a universal piano. At the moment we are born each planet resides in one of those degrees and plays a particular ‘note’ which signifies something about us. Each celestial body plays a note based on its location and together they create an individualized chord or a symbolic song.

Whether these bodies effect us directly across space is debatable, but they do symbolize something about us and the art of astrology is about reading those symbols. They are a map that moves in cycles throughout our lives. The cycles of the moon effect us most directly and the planets further away work on more subtle (though highly effective) levels. As we age, each time planets come around to those degrees that note is played again in a particular way. Our soul’s tune is sparked and these sparks reveal events that come to us from the community, the environment, from our boss, from relationships, and they also reveal events and actions that we generate from internal changes. Bringing awareness to these cycles can make all the difference in our ability to surf the waves of misfortune and to prepare for the blessings that are heading our way. This astrology is about those notes that make up the song of your soul.

As an example, if a person has Mars in the 7th House of their chart there will be an inclination toward discord with the partner. Mars equals intense energy and even aggressiveness. If we look at the degree of this discord we can tell how much intensity to expect and the times when that quality will be heightened. We can also take measures to work with that Mars quality and alleviate difficulty by doing Mars related activities with the partner: tennis, golf, drumming, hammering, target practice and making noise are all good ways to experience Mars without falling into repeated arguments and cutting sarcasm. The readings offered here are gateways into examining the patterns in our lives and the information they give will allow us to heal from their discomfort.

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