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Return of the Year 1518 -   This article was first published in January of 2019   My mother began her career by teaching in a one room country school. She would arrive soon after sunup and start the fire in an iron wood stove. She pulled the rope to ring the bell and her 12 students ran inside and took … Continue reading Return of the Year 1518
Copies Available -   Copies are now available for this light-hearted tale, written for anyone with an interest in the history of astrology. You do not need to know the mechanics of astrology to enjoy this story of train travel through Italy. Join a dragon and a monkey as they discuss ancient texts and planetary symbolism. For beginners … Continue reading Copies Available
New Book -   The long awaited Astrological Book of Life is finished. **Scroll to bottom to order a preview copy. International Shipping available. The book I was always looking for, but could never find: an introduction to the origins of astrology from around the world. This is the story of a young dragon school teacher named Vaya … Continue reading New Book
The Smile Heard Round the World - We all have pain and joy in our lives, but for some of us that balance is displayed in full view. My neighbors used to talk about one old guy who came to the local dances and everyone knew this was a person who had a Story to Tell. We didn’t know what the story … Continue reading The Smile Heard Round the World
Leo lion tiger photo collage Exploring Leo’s Lion Imagery - Leos are everywhere, aren’t they? These creative, good-looking sun worshippers are often actors, singers, or performers. If they aren’t on the stage then they might be sitting in the director’s chair. They are born in the sign of event planning, games, and flamboyance, politics, ideals and kindness.   We have all heard of the lion … Continue reading Exploring Leo’s Lion Imagery
When Mercury Walked Among Us - Even if you aren’t a fan of the rock group Queen, few people would disagree when I say that Freddie Mercury was one of the greatest singers in rock music history.  He had a 3-octave range that went from a bass low F to a soprano high F and he could easily change his singing … Continue reading When Mercury Walked Among Us
Starstruck: Tonya v. Saturn! -     I remember watching the screen when Tonya Harding went through her good times and bad times, and the movie “I, Tonya” is a great exploration into the long series of very unfortunate events. If we look at Tonya’s birth chart it isn’t surprising to see Venus and the Sun as the symbols of … Continue reading Starstruck: Tonya v. Saturn!
Amazing Grace: How Rahu Shaped the Life of Johnny Cash - I am sitting indoors on a cold and cloudy day and I haven’t seen the sunshine since I don’t know when. It must be time to write about Johnny Cash. The man in black is missed, to say the least. I think the story of his life will only get more interesting with the passing … Continue reading Amazing Grace: How Rahu Shaped the Life of Johnny Cash
Mars and the Moon: I Love You Whether You Like it or Not - We all know that person in our lives who was nurturing in sort of a pushy way. Maybe it was Uncle Dave who made you sing a song on your birthday under much protest, or he gave you presents that were always sensible, like wool socks at age 7.  Did he make you walk home … Continue reading Mars and the Moon: I Love You Whether You Like it or Not
The sphere of the earth and the zodiac are illustrated here in a drawing that appears quite antique An Introduction -

The Earth is a sphere of 360 degrees, and the zodiac is a belt around that sphere which can be compared to 360 notes on a universal piano. At the moment we are born, each planet resides in one of those degrees and plays a particular ‘note’ which signifies something about us.