Birth Chart Readings

A birth chart reading is an exploration into your true nature.

I offer three types: Soul, Geography, and Follow-up Readings. All information is held in strict confidence.  




Soul Reading

A 30-minute voice recording with detailed interpretations of your birth chart, covering how current events in your life are playing out in relation to your health and well being. Special attention is given to psychological patterns, areas that help you flourish, and obstacles on your path. You will also receive a ten-page document with further detailed information on your planetary arrangements. Additional soul readings can be ordered that focus on Time Lord Dasha periods or meanings behind personal time periods (past or future). Six month transit reports are also available.




Geography Reading

Discover the places most hospitable for living, vacations, romance, personal growth, and career. This includes locations anywhere in the world. This reading also shows you which places can provide a challenge or an opportunity and why. A 30-minute voice recording will be emailed to you.  


Follow-up Readings

A 20-minute recording. If there is a particular situation you want to examine, or a specific time period that needs further study (past, present or future), you should order a follow up reading after hearing your initial Soul Reading.


No information in these readings will be used, by seeker or by guide, to bring harm to another person. These readings are created with the direct intention to provide healing and inspiration and to offer research into one of the many ways that divinity works in our lives.


Your reading is prepared using your date of birth, location, and exact birth time. The exact time is on your birth certificate. You can get a copy of your birth certificate by contacting the Bureau of Vital Records in the state of your birth and requesting a “Complete” birth certificate. If you cannot obtain the birth time I cannot provide a reading for you. Other practitioners offer chart rectification and will determine your birth time for you. I recommend Richard Fidler, UK Astrologer.

When you order a reading, please send an email with your birth data to: or fill out a Birth Data Form here. Thanks!


I finish all readings as soon as possible. In most cases readings can be ready within a few days. However, due to time commitments, please allow 10 days for completion of your order.

All readings must be paid in advance.

Soul Readings:


Geography Readings:


Follow Up Readings:


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