Birth Chart Readings

All information will be held in strict confidentiality.  

Birth chart readings are explorations into our divine nature. I offer three types: Soul, Geography, and Follow-up Readings.

Soul Reading

A 10-page emailed document giving an overall interpretation of the birth chart, along with a 30 minute recording with more detailed information, covering current transits and major aspects pertaining specifically to your planets. Special attention is given to your soul’s purpose; areas to focus on that will help you flourish and descriptions of the karmic reasons for conflict and major life obstacles. Additional soul readings can be ordered that offer in-depth coverage of: Lunar Mansions, Time Lord Dasha Periods and highlights of future Transits.

Geography Reading

Find out what places are most hospitable to you for living, vacations, romance and career. This includes locations abroad as well as North America. The reading also shows you which places can provide a challenge and why. Additionally, geographical readings are important tools in determining, through planetary archetypes, the kinds of life lessons that still need to be learned in a healthy way. A 30 minute recording will be emailed to you.

Follow-up Readings

A 20 minute recording. If there is a particular situation you want to examine, or a specific time period that needs further study (past, present or future), you should order a follow up reading after hearing your initial Soul Reading.


I maintain that no information in these readings will be used, by seeker or by guide, to bring harm to another person. These readings are created with the direct intention to provide healing and inspiration, and to offer research into one of the many ways that divinity works in our lives.


Your reading is prepared using your date of birth, location, and exact birth time. The exact time is on your birth certificate. You can get a copy of your birth certificate by contacting the Bureau of Vital Records in the city of your birth and requesting a “Complete” birth certificate. If you cannot obtain the birth time I cannot provide a reading for you. Other practitioners offer chart rectification and will determine your birth time for you; a wonderful service.

When you order, please send an email with your birth data to:

I try to finish all readings as soon as possible. In most cases readings can be ready within a few days. However, due to time commitments, in general please allow 10 days for completion of your order.

I accept Paypal. You can find me under my email address and the name Timothy Ness, or select a payment button below. All readings must be paid for in advance.




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